Some research shows that companies are more satisfied with the results of their in-house SEO team than with agencies they’ve used in the past.

Some people say a mix of both in-house and some SEO consultancy is the best option.

The Problem

Experienced SEO’s with proven results demand a very high salary. I even question why they settle for $100k when if they’re as great as they say they are, they could be out there making millions for themselves.

The Solution

  • A full time employee
  • Your new team can be in your office in any city so they can communicate effectively with your staff. (50% of SEO is good communication)
  • Your in-house SEO team will receive extensive training to kick things off
  • Weekly meetings with an professional SEO so their skills are always up to date
  • An investment into your website that only gets better with time.

Cost is $5,000 a month. full time. Contact Richard Eastes to get started.