Use this checklist to avoid getting burnt by an SEO company or a scam. This checklist hasn’t ever failed.

  • Ask for 3 existing clients and interview them
  • Ask existing clients if they are happy with their work, who is their contact, what they cost and would they use them again
  • Analyse existing clients content and or onsite recommendations
  • Analyse existing link building for clients
  • Have them do Sample link (even if at cost to us)
  • Have them do sample content  (even if at cost to us)
  • Will they be available 24/5 on Skype?
  • Will they join our SEO hangout once a week for 1 hour?

Where did this come from?

This list was developed by internal SEO staff at VroomVroomVroom. They have used over 10 SEO companies in the last 10 years for different purposes. Sometimes short audits, sometimes engagement lasting several years.